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An Indian Bahu

Good Afternoon my lovely Ladies !!!!

Years passed by from school to graduation college then to  post-grads, a job & finally marriage. I was just running in the race trying to please everyone – first my parents, then my teachers, relatives, peers, friends, then my boyfriend (who has now turned my husband) & then In-laws.

As kids when you are the older sibling then you are always expected to be the understanding one i.e. you are always considered a grown-up. This is because after staying with your younger sibling (no matter how loving or mischievous they are) you always feel protective towards them. As I came from a middle class background, I use to see my parents struggle to provide good quality education to me sister & me. My parents always wanted their daughters to be financially independent. Coming from a small village they had many dreams for us. They were always proud of their daughters.

During school days, I use to be a very obedient student & daughter. After enrolling in to graduation college, I met this guy who was first my very good friend & later swept me off my feet with his love. Everything was lovey dovey. He became my boyfriend. He is a kind of person who right from the start was very clear that he wants to marry me. Later on in life after dating for 7 years, he met my parents with marriage proposal. Then after some ups & downs both side parents agreed & gave their blessings.

After marriage, finally my race took up speed. For first 3 months I was completed disoriented. As we stay with stayed with our in-laws, it was a feeling like moving from one set of parents to another set of parents. All the time I was trying to please them & missing my parents very badly. Here you are expected to be dutiful wife & daughter-in-law, take care of everyone & cook for them. My In-laws were also trying to figure out how exactly to make me feel at ease. Actually they have become my guinea pigs (with respect to my cooking).

After so many duties, attending family functions, religious ceremonies, festivals, worrying about my parents well-being… so on & on …..the list is endless….I was all bogged down. Finally after one year of marriage a thought popped up into my mind that what exactly am I doing for my happiness; which way is my life moving. Is this what exactly I want from life? Where is the confident girl whom my dad had raised me into? My dad always thought me that never look back, face the situation head-on and come what may.

Let’s see how piece by piece I put my life’s puzzle into place. See You!!!!



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